Edgertonz legal team is qualified and experienced in helping you migrate to Greece by investing in Greece property. Migrating to Greece comes with lots of benefits including visa free travel within the Schengen zone.


  • Residence permit in Greece in just 2 months through property investment starting from €250,000
  • Enjoy visa-free travel within the Schengen zone (26 EU states)
  • Residence permit in Greece allows you to gain full access to the European markets, expanding at the same time your access in a very easy way to the Schengen area
  • In Greece you will have the chance to enjoy unprecedented opportunities in the real estate market
  • Get 4-5% annual rental yield from your rented properties
  • Most affordable cost entry amongst all alternative EU programs
  • Option to buy several properties to make up the investment amount
  • All non-EEA residents will have to prove their connections to the country and their plans for property use
  • 90 days stay without a visa
  • There are currently no citizenship programs available by investment